July 26, 2017 26/07/2017

What to Expect from Wearable Tech

Despite the fact that experts predicted wearable tech would have experienced much greater growth by now, adoption is still occurring at a steady rate. Certain products, like fitness trackers and smart watches, have gained more traction with consumers than others. Regardless, all trends indicate that wearables are here to stay. What will we see from this arena in the not-so-distant...
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July 12, 2017 12/07/2017

5 Ways Predictive Analytics is Impacting Business

The rise of Big Data has resulted in an increased emphasis on analytics. The ability to sift through mountains of information, extract what’s of value and turn that material into actionable insights has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. This is particularly the case with predictive analytics, which enables business leaders to more accurately forecast what will happen next and...
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July 5, 2017 05/07/2017

Softonic.com Recognized by Google as a Top Secure Site

Google has published its annual Transparency Report, which tracks the HTTPS status of the world’s top 100 third-party websites, and we are proud to announce that Softonic is part of this list. We take data protection and privacy of our users very seriously and we are committed to offering a secure and safe browsing experience for everyone who visits...
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