October 30, 2017 30/10/2017

6 Technologies that are Driving Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration amongst employees is perhaps one of the most important activities in the workplace today. Gathering together differing viewpoints and leveraging the strengths of each individual is what drives creativity and innovation and what ultimately helps make an organization more competitive. Thankfully, the modern workplace is one where collaboration has never been easier. Here are a few technologies that are...
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October 26, 2017 26/10/2017

5 Ways AI is Already Outperforming Humans

Artificial intelligence is no longer some far off, futuristic fantasy. It’s becoming a part of our everyday lives, often in ways we don’t even realize. In fact, there are currently areas where AI and robotics technology is already surpassing the humans that created it. And while the concept of machine learning and its rapid advancement may seem a bit unnerving...
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October 23, 2017 23/10/2017

5 Futuristic Technologies that Are Shaping Today

Without question, the world as we know it is going through a massive transformation. Over the past decade or so, we have made leaps and bounds from a technology standpoint. These days, just about everyone owns a smartphone, complete with mobile applications and cloud capability, and we’re now seeing affordable smart technology spreading into homes and businesses across the globe....
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October 10, 2017 10/10/2017

Volunteering to help our local environment

Last week our Finance team decided to dedicate their quarterly team-building offsite to the preservation of our local environment. Our Finance colleagues rolled up their sleeves to get to work on the removal of invasive plants from a pine grove in Gavà, near Barcelona, as well as in removing garbage and waste in the area. Starting work in El Pinar...
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October 9, 2017 09/10/2017

How BYOD Is Changing the Workplace for the Better

One of the biggest trends to impact the workplace in recent years has undoubtedly been the introduction of personal devices. It’s become commonplace for today’s employees to perform work-related activities using their smartphones, tablets and other personal devices, both in the office as well as on the go. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits BYOD...
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October 4, 2017 04/10/2017

How VR and AR Will Change the Way We Shop

The topic of virtual and/or augmented reality is hot these days, with worldwide spending on its development projected to increase by at least 100% every year through 2021. This rapid growth is due in large part to the investments and innovations being made by such tech giants as Apple, Google and Facebook. And one area that is expected to be...
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