July 26, 2018 26/07/2018

5 Ways Technology is Changing Agriculture

Technological advancements have infiltrated just about every industry across the globe and agriculture – although a bit of a late bloomer – is no exception. These days, tech is helping farmers and growers in a number of critical ways, including data-driven decision making, more accurate forecasting and much more. These changes are making a significant impact on their bottom line...
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July 9, 2018 09/07/2018

6 Real-World Examples of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence technology is no longer some far-off fantasy or futuristic concept. Today, AI and machine learning are beginning to permeate our everyday lives, sometimes in ways we may not even realize. As visionary Elon Musk pointed out: “Most people don’t understand just how quickly machine intelligence is advancing, it’s much faster than almost anyone realized.” And while some experts...
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