August 13, 2019 13/08/2019

5 Ways Technology has Improved Healthcare

Without question, we are living in the age of technological breakthroughs and perhaps no industry has felt the impact of those breakthroughs quite as much as healthcare. As advancements in research, data collection and patient care continue to be realized, practitioners are now able to leverage state-of-the-art tools and techniques for practicing medicine in ways we never even dreamed possible....
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August 12, 2019 12/08/2019

5 Ways Tech is Helping to Fight Identity Theft

One of the most important aspects of personal security is protecting one’s identity. Dealing with identity theft can be nothing short of a nightmare. And sadly, it’s something that is occurring more frequently than ever before. In 2017 alone, 16.7 million innocent people fell victim. In fact, there’s a new victim of identity theft every two seconds. Thankfully, technology...
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