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March 28, 2019 28/03/2019

5 Ways Tech can Make Your Vacation Even Better

For some people, planning a vacation can be a stressful event. Between making reservations and creating itineraries to managing delays and dealing with the unexpected, it can be downright overwhelming. Thankfully, we live in a digital world where technology can make traveling so much easier. Whether you’re planning a staycation or a trip across the globe, here are a few ways today’s gadgets and apps can help make your vacation one to remember.


Book Accommodations

Travel agents are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to the Internet, we no longer need to rely on a third party to plan the logistics of a trip. Now we can simply visit a popular travel app, like Expedia or Kayak, to compare prices on everything from airfare and hotel rooms to rental vehicles and even excursions. Accommodations can be booked at a few clicks of a button on either a desktop or mobile device.


Manage Itineraries

Back in the day, travelers were bogged down with things like printed itineraries and physical maps. One lost piece of paper and you could easily be left holding the bag. Today, apps like Google Trips and TripIt, make it easy and efficient to keep track of everything and stay organized. Quickly access your flight information, destinations, planned activities and more. Some travel apps recommend additional activities and events in the area you’re visiting to help make your trip even more memorable.


Overcome the Language Barrier

One challenge of traveling to a foreign destination is figuring out how to communicate with the locals and understand what they’re saying. Something as simple as locating your hotel or ordering lunch can seem impossible when there’s a language barrier. Smartphones to the rescue, once again. Apps such as TripLingo and iTranslate will help you do everything from greeting locals to asking for directions to learning what the most popular local dishes are and more. It’s like having a translator with you everywhere you go.


Get Around with Ease

When visiting a place you’ve never been before, finding your way around can be a big concern. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and apps to help guide you to wherever you want to go. Waze and Citymapper, for instance, provide turn-by-turn directions whether you’re walking or driving so you’ll never get lost. If you need transportation, mobile apps for the local rail, subway or bus are plentiful. Or, simply hail up a rideshare using Uber or Lyft.


Socialize and Network

Among the most rewarding things about traveling is meeting new people, making new friends and connecting with the locals. There are a ton of social media groups and online communities that are dedicated either to traveling in general or to visiting specific destinations. These are great for networking and asking questions. Likewise, resources like Travel Buddies, make it easy and safe to connect with other travelers around the world. There’s even Ask a Stranger, a Q&A service that lets you ask questions of anyone, anywhere.

Taking a vacation should be about rest, relaxation and adventure. The last thing it should be is stressful. By taking advantage of today’s technology, your life and your travels will be much easier and more enjoyable.


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