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September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

A New Home for Softonic

patio-softonicAs a global company, Softonic is literally everywhere and over the years, like our users, our people have been spread across the world and in multiple time zones, making physical space something of a non-issue for us.

But today is a big day for physical space at Softonic.

For over a decade, Softonic’s “official” home was at the Meridian Building in Barcelona’s Nou Barris neighborhood. While we loved our offices, we were a bit far away from our local peer companies. That distance also kept us farther from all the excitement brewing in Barcelona these days, as the city begins to make its mark as an emerging innovation hub.

Today we start anew in a brand new space (the MediaTIC building, above) in the bustling Poblenou neighborhood, the heart of the growing Barcelona tech scene and home to many amazing startups and new ventures.


With this move, we open our doors to the vibrant ecosystem that surrounds us and and at the same time begin a new chapter in the Softonic story.

And while looking out towards our local scene we are also looking inwards to our teams, offering our employees an amazing new place to call home. The new spaces were built specifically to our needs and how we work (together!): big open spaces, very few walls, lots of natural light and areas for impromptu collaboration and fun.


Our new office boasts 360 犀利士
degree windows
with views over Barcelona and the sea, over 1500 square meters of office, meeting and common space with really cool interior design elements. And in order to take full advantage of Barcelona’s famously wonderful weather, we also have 3 outdoor terraces adding over 150 m2 of informal areas for us to enjoy.


Needless to say, we are pretty excited!

This new chapter also begins with a new look for our corporate brand. Very soon, you’ll be seeing our new corporate logo in a number of contexts, so stay tuned!

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