lifestyle_apps September 19, 2017 19/09/2017

10 Ways Lifestyle Apps Are Truly Changing Our Lives

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to check our email, connect with friends and family on social media, play games and a whole host of other things. One area where mobile devices have made a significant impact is in the way of so-called lifestyle apps. These applications are designed to make our lives easier...
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connected_home September 12, 2017 12/09/2017

What Will the Smart, Connected Home of Tomorrow Look Like?

Imagine if every device you owned could be connected to the Internet. Not just your laptop or your smartphone, but every device, from lights and windows to clocks and thermostats. Now, imagine if you could communicate with those connected devices and tell them what to do. This isn’t an imaginary world. It’s reality when it comes to the Internet of...
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self_driving_cars September 4, 2017 04/09/2017

5 Things You Need to Know about Self-Driving Cars

The concept of fully automated, self-driving cars has quickly gone from idea to reality, with a projected time to market of around 2020 to 2025. But just what does this buzz about autonomous driving technology mean for the everyday consumer? In just a few short years, are the roads really going to be full of cars that function almost or...
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Our Values September 1, 2017 01/09/2017

Living Our Values

I’m often asked what the hardest part of being a CEO is.   You might think right off the bat that it’s the huge responsibility of leading a company – keeping both the people side and the business side afloat – that keeps me up at night. After all, business is tough and people can be even tougher.   But...
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gamification August 28, 2017 28/08/2017

How Gamification is Helping Win the War for Millennial Talent

How much do young Americans love video games? Consider the fact that by the age of just 21, the average person will have spent 2,000-3,000 hours reading books and more than 3 times that playing video games. Logically speaking, that would mean the average Millennial could be considered somewhat of an expert at gaming. Not surprisingly, many forward-thinking organizations are...
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drone August 23, 2017 23/08/2017

5 Surprising Ways Drones are Being Used Today

Drone technology has been used by the military for decades now, but today, despite regulatory challenges, autonomous navigation is also beginning to make its way into the consumer marketplace. As a result, many forward-thinking organizations are already leveraging drones to handle tasks that are mundane, repetitive or simply too dangerous for human workers. And with ongoing advances in the technology...
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health_tech August 16, 2017 16/08/2017

5 Ways Technology is Making Us Healthier

There are certainly no shortage of articles, surveys and study pieces out there telling us how bad technology is for us. While it’s true that there are some downsides to incorporating too much tech into our lives, there’s a whole other side of the coin to consider. In fact, recent advances in things like applications, wearables and artificial intelligence are...
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business_apps August 8, 2017 08/08/2017

6 Benefits of Business Mobile Apps

Think mobile apps are only for big name brands, like McDonalds or Target? You may want to think again. In fact, more and more businesses – including SMBs – are beginning to jump on the mobile application bandwagon. Why? Because forward-thinking business leaders recognize that a mobile strategy is about more than just responsive web design. It’s about meeting your...
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machine_learning August 1, 2017 01/08/2017

5 Things You Should Know About Machine Learning

Without question, technology has advanced (and continues to do so) at a head spinning rate. Mundane tasks that once bogged down human workers can now be performed entirely by robotic software, error-free and at a much faster rate to boot. Today, self-service options allow us to handle many of our day-to-day tasks without the need for human input, from hitting...
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