DTS Scott March 3, 2017 03/03/2017

Four Tips for Keeping your App Users in Love

I was recently at the Dublin Tech Summit, where I had the honor of serving on a panel focused on how to retain users on apps after the install — a challenge that plagues mobile developers large and small. I joined a group of some of the mobile ecosystem’s best and brightest: Patrick Leddy, CEO of Pulsate;...
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Image: PJ Nelson/Flickr February 21, 2017 21/02/2017

Coming Soon: Many More Ways to Solve a Problem

When your business is to serve people and to help them find products that solve their problems or fill a need, you want to be focused on serving those people. That’s why, as CEO, I’ve spent the past two years changing the internal mindset at Softonic from “we’re a download site” to “we help people solve problems”. In doing so,...
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better_life_app_challenge February 20, 2017 20/02/2017

League of Champions: Our Better Life App Challenge Winners

At Softonic, we live and breathe technology and we’re all about solving problems for our users — whether that’s through a download or an app that makes a task easier, or even enhances your life. That’s why last year we launched a call to find the best apps in the world for living up to one of the most important...
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mediatic September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

A New Home for Softonic

As a global company, Softonic is literally everywhere and over the years, like our users, our people have been spread across the world and in multiple time zones, making physical space something of a non-issue for us. But today is a big day for physical space at Softonic. For over a decade, Softonic’s “official” home was at the Meridian Building...
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pokemon September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

Pokémon GO: Changing our lives, for better or worse

It was a summer of gaming hits and the biggest hit by far was Pokémon GO. The game went gangbusters on mobile devices everywhere, and the hype around Niantic’s new mobile take on an age-old favorite reached epic proportions. At its height towards the end of July, Pokémon GO had 45 million daily active users: the game had gone ...
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games3 September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

Game Hype: Lots of Promises, But Consumer Experiences Fall Short

In today’s gaming world, the hype leading up to a launch is no small event. Take for example Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon – it’s the middle of the summer of 2016 and Nintendo fans are already digging into product details hoping to be the first to have a sneak peek into the new Pokemon offerings. The media attention is...
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in_games September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

Results from Our In-Game Mobile Advertising Survey: Gamers Not Irked

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, and whether it’s the Pokemon Go phenomenon or the Angry Birds feature film, these games have captured consumer attention and dollars.  By 2020, mobile phone gaming penetration in the United States is forecasted to hit 63.7% – an increase of 8% from 2016. Typically, mobile games operate under a freemium model meant to...
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better_life_app September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

Introducing the Softonic Better Life App Challenge

The Mobile World Centre in Barcelona became a focal point for creativity, innovation and passion for apps last night when developers from Europe and as far away as Asia and Latin America came together for the kick-off event of the Softonic Better Life App Challenge. Developers, hackers and techies of all types presented their best ideas to the crowd...
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VR September 21, 2016 21/09/2016

Results from Our Virtual Reality Adoption Survey: Will VR Live Up To the Hype?

Virtual reality technology has been around for quite some time. But, consumers are just now starting to embrace it. The possible applications of virtual reality have been hyped heavily this year: everything from rom gaming and movies, to business and health applications. The frenzy was capped by the release of Facebook’s Oculus Rift this March. Nonetheless, big players in...
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