balace_human_AI April 19, 2018 19/04/2018

The Balance Between Human and Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence has fascinated us for decades. But this technology is no longer something that simply entertains us in movies. It’s here and it’s infultrating our everyday lives in ways many of us don’t even realize. If you’ve ever received customer support from a chatbot or been automatically tagged in a picture on Facebook, you’ve experienced AI...
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5_industries_transformed_by_big_data April 4, 2018 04/04/2018

3 Ways Blockchain Will Change the Way We Live

There’s no question that blockchain technology is already making a significant impact on how information is accessed, stored and shared. In fact, it’s already disrupting certain industries, including financial services, social media and energy. And with experts predicting full consumer adoption by the year 2025, it’s becoming clearer by the day that this technology will also begin changing the way...
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future_look_like March 20, 2018 20/03/2018

5 Key Technologies that Power Smart Cities

The idea of smart cities is no longer some far off concept or fodder for the latest sci-fi movie plot. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, more and more cities are jumping onboard and adopting cutting-edge technologies. In fact, experts are projecting that the industry will become a $400 billion market by the year 2020, generating 60%...
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science_behind_viral_content March 5, 2018 05/03/2018

The (Not-So-Simple) Science Behind Viral Content

Not only have we all seen them. Most of us have also probably shared them. We’re talking, of course, about popular content on social media. You know – those precious videos of babies hearing for the first time or the ones showing funny pet antics. The silly quizzes. The must-try food or drink recipes. What makes content like this so...
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IMG_4497 February 28, 2018 28/02/2018

Participating at EdHack Raval to help with educational challenges

Last weekend we had the pleasure to participate at EDHack Raval, a new laboratory for educational innovation. The event focused on generating projects and finding solutions to local educational challenges through the Hackathon methodology. It was an open and free 2-day event where several people worked in teams to transform education in Raval, a neighborhood in Barcelona.   What were...
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malvertisement February 23, 2018 23/02/2018

What Are Malvertisements and How Can You Protect Yourself?

Picture this. You’re on your smartphone, surfing Facebook and you click on this interesting article. Once the article opens, you are suddenly bombarded by popups trying to redirect you to other pages. There’s a name for these popups. They’re called malvertisements and they can range from being mildly annoying to actually spreading dangerous malware to your devices. Let’s take a...
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on_demand_service_apps February 20, 2018 20/02/2018

How On-Demand Service Apps are Improving Our Lives

These days, society is running non-stop. People are getting busier and busier by the day. Thankfully, technology is once again providing us with innovative tools to make our lives easier. We’re talking about on-demand service apps, which enable anyone with a smartphone to conjure up just about any service imaginable. Don’t have time to stop at the supermarket? No problem....
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future_look_like February 6, 2018 06/02/2018

What Will the Smart World of Tomorrow Look Like?

If we look back to how the world was just a decade ago, it’s pretty amazing how many changes have occurred. Between the rollout of artificial intelligence engines, like IBM’s infamous Watson, the widespread adoption of intuitive speakers, like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, and a growing love for virtual reality technology, life as we’ve known it has changed...
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smartphone_addiction January 31, 2018 31/01/2018

Should We Be Concerned about Smartphone Addiction?

Roughly three-quarters (77 percent) of Americans own smartphones, and those people spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes on their phones each day. That computes to about 86 hours a month. What’s more, 61 percent of smartphone users admit that they even use their devices in the bathroom. Let’s face it. Americans love our smartphones. But are we...
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