March 20, 2018 20/03/2018

5 Key Technologies that Power Smart Cities

The idea of smart cities is no longer some far off concept or fodder for the latest sci-fi movie plot. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, more and more cities are jumping onboard and adopting cutting-edge technologies. In fact, experts are projecting that the industry will become a $400 billion market by the year 2020, generating 60%...
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February 28, 2018 28/02/2018

Participating at EdHack Raval to help with educational challenges

Last weekend we had the pleasure to participate at EDHack Raval, a new laboratory for educational innovation. The event focused on generating projects and finding solutions to local educational challenges through the Hackathon methodology. It was an open and free 2-day event where several people worked in teams to transform education in Raval, a neighborhood in Barcelona.   What were...
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February 23, 2018 23/02/2018

What Are Malvertisements and How Can You Protect Yourself?

Picture this. You’re on your smartphone, surfing Facebook and you click on this interesting article. Once the article opens, you are suddenly bombarded by popups trying to redirect you to other pages. There’s a name for these popups. They’re called malvertisements and they can range from being mildly annoying to actually spreading dangerous malware to your devices. Let’s take a...
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December 19, 2017 19/12/2017

Hottest Tech Gadget Trends to Watch for in 2018

When it comes to tech gadgets, 2017 certainly didn’t disappoint. From wireless headphones to drones to new and improved smartwatches and so much more, the past 12 months have been a great time to be a tech junkie. So, what’s in store for 2018? After a flurry of buzz this past fall, there will be some pretty cool gadgets making...
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November 30, 2017 30/11/2017

What is Facial Recognition Technology (and Why Should I Care)?

By now you’ve probably at the very least heard of the term “facial recognition” particularly since it’s a heavily touted (and somewhat controversial) feature of Apple’s new iPhone X. But what exactly is this technology, who is already using it and how and, most importantly, how might it impact the lives of everyday people? Let’s take a closer look.  ...
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