Cookies are text files of a small size, often encrypted, that a website stores on a computer or other device when accessing the website. Cookies may store the identification of the user that visited the site and the places that were navigated.

When you revisit the site the cookies may be read in order to identify the user and to set the preferences and browser settings for that user.

Failure to allow the use of cookies means that certain services or functionality of the website will not be available to the user.


This site uses the following cookies:

  • UI Customization cookies to store a user’s preference across web pages (e.g. language) and not linked to other persistent identifiers.
  • Technical cookies. These cookies are used to provide certain certain functionalities such as keeping track of the user’s imput when filling online forms, keeping track of the items the user has selected by clicking on a button, securing the service, storing technical data needed to play back video or audio content or integrating social plug-in modules.
  • Cookies for authentication as a registered user to log on pages that require identification / authentication. These cookies are required to access restricted content services or users are identified and authenticated.
  • Analytics cookies (such as those of Google or ComScore). These cookies are used to analyse the visits made, places and times of website navigation. The cookie information is transmitted to and stored directly by the analytical providers on their servers. These cookies are used anonymously and to prepare website trend reports without identifying individual users.
  • Advertising Cookies. We use cookies to make advertising more attractive to users. Cookies are often used to select ads based on content that is relevant to a user, improve reporting of campaign performance and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen. Conversion cookies are also used so that advertisers may determine the number of times that people who click on the ads end up buying their products. These cookies allow Softonic and the advertiser to know that you have clicked on the ad and that you have subsequently accessed the site of the advertiser. Some of our advertising products allow other companies send their own cookies to your browser. Our website further uses other advertising IDs (Criteo and Facebook pixels). These enable us to show our advertisements to visitors who are interested in our products on partner websites and apps. Re-targeting technologies use  your cookies or advertising IDs and display advertisements based on your past browsing behavior. In particular, Facebook Pixel is placed by Facebook; It is a third-party advertising type of cookie that enables Softonic to measure, optimize and build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook. It enables Softonic to see how our users move between devices when accessing the Softonic web site and Facebook, to ensure that Softonic’s Facebook advertising is seen by our users most likely to be interested in such advertising by analyzing which content a user has viewed and interacted with on the Softonic web site. Specifically, when you visit a download page or download any software, we share with Facebook the program name visited or downloaded, so based on your behavior, Facebook will display related ads when visiting Facebook. For further information about the Facebook Pixel please see: go to to learn more about behavioral advertising. To read more about the technologies used by our partners, please refer to their privacy policy listed in the above-mentioned platforms or listed below You can opt-out of behavioral advertisement at any time via the NAI’s consumer opt-out system.



First Party Cookies Name Type Expiry date
Softonic softonic_es-save_downloads_; UI Customization session cookie
Softonic country UI Customization ~726 days
Softonic blang UI Customization ~726 days
Softonic ucountry UI Customization ~726 days
Softonic PHPSESSID technical functionality session cookie
Softonic usess technical functionality ~726 days
Softonic fbm_; technical functionality ~365 days
Softonic fbsr_; technical functionality ~365 days
Softonic hide_cookie_warning technical functionality ~347 days
Softonic __utm analytics ~726 days
Softonic __gads analytics ~726 days
Softonic _ga analytics ~726 days
Softonic km_; analytics ~1825 days
Softonic ct-sads advertisement ~11 days
Softonic lastTabSelected advertisement session cookie
Softonic softonic_es-sads advertisement ~361 days
Softonic ki_; advertisement ~1822 days
Softonic softonic_es-sads advertisement ~361 days
Softonic __hstc advertisement ~721 days
Softonic hsfirstvisit advertisement ~3634 days
Softonic hubspotuk advertisement ~3634 days


Third Party Cookies Name Type Expiry date
ComScore ( UID analytics ~716 days
ComScore ( UIDR analytics ~716 days
Google ( id advertisement ~726 days
Google ( test_cookie advertisement session cookie
Google ( _drt_ advertisement session cookie
Google ( FLC advertisement session cookie
Google ( NID advertisement ~179 days
Rubicon ( rpb advertisement ~26 days
Rubicon ( put_; advertisement ~56 days
Rubicon ( dq advertisement ~361 days
Rubicon ( cd advertisement ~361 days
Rubicon ( au advertisement ~2916 days
Rubicon ( lm advertisement ~361 days
Rubicon ( rpx advertisement ~29 days
Rubicon ( put_revenuemantra advertisement ~26 days
Yandex ( yabs-sid advertisement ~726 days
Yandex ( yandexuid advertisement ~3646 days
Pubmatic ( PUBRETARGET advertisement ~86 days
Pubmatic ( KRTBCOOKIE advertisement ~86 days
Metaboli ( _tomatic_affiliate advertisement ~30 days



Softonic has also implemented the Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting feature, which gathers information derived from the third-party DoubleClick cookie and device identifiers. You can opt-out of this feature through the Google’s Ad Settings, the Ad Settings for mobile apps and the NAI’s consumer opt-out.  For more information in respect of the types of cookies used by Google for advertising and other purposes, please click here.

Furthermore, our website uses JavaScript to detect the use of ad blocking extensions for web browsers. This script is implemented in the source code of our website. The script simulates the display of an ad and confirms that it is displayed on a user’s device. To do this, we do not store any information on users’ devices and process no personal data. If we detect that a user deploys an ad blocker, we may interact with them on the use of ad blockers and/or adapt the content available to them. If a user no longer wants us to use ad blocker detection mechanisms, they may opt-out by leaving the web site. We reserve the right to restrict access to our websites if users do not agree to the use of ad blocker detection mechanisms.

Any personal data that is collected through the use of cookies on this website will be processed by Softonic International S.A. Edificio MediaTIC Calle Roc Boronat, 117, 6th floor, 08018 Barcelona,
Spain, responsible to facilitate and improve browsing on the website, analyse visits and identify registered users. If you accept cookies you consent to the possible processing of personal data for all purposes indicated, international transfers and communications; but if you do not consent to such use then please do not accept the use of cookies. The user can exercise their rights of access, modification, cancellation and opposition to Softonic at the above-mentioned address.

You can set your browser to refuse or accept cookies, or set the browser so that cookies are automatically deleted once you close your browser, computer or device. You may change your cookies settings in browsers as follows:

  • Google Chrome Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
  • Firefox Preferences > Privacy.
  • Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced.
  • Safari Preferences > Privacy.

By accessing this website for the first time, without previously having cookies from this website, you will see a window informing you of the use of cookies and where you can view this “Cookies Policy”. If you close the window and continue browsing, you agree / consent to the use of cookies and these will be installed on your computer or device, otherwise cookies will not be installed and browsing and the service if this website will be limited.

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