Do you accept guest or sponsored posts and/or allow links in your articles?
Softonic does not sell or participate in any link exchange or schemes. Softonic does, however, offer sponsored articles on our website. Softonic wants to be transparent towards users so we require a clear informative notice that Softonic gets paid by publishing the article. Please refer to our Content Policies for more information. If you think our sponsored articles would fit your budget and needs, please write to salesleads@softonic.com indicating the website of your company and where your company is located (country specifically), and we will review your request immediately. Alternatively, if you have budget limitations and are looking for guest post or sponsored post publications only, without any additional promo activities, you can look at some of the publishers listed on our partner's website Prnewsio. Easy and simple online checkout available.
How can I collaborate as an editor for your reviews and articles?
At Softonic we pride in publishing high-quality reviews for our catalog of software titles, pc games, and mobile apps. We have several in-house resources and external partners too who collaborate with us. If you are a freelance writer or run an agency with writers with experience in writing for software titles please get in touch with our Content team at contentmanagement@softonic.com We will be glad to hear from you.
Can I enter your affiliate program?
To be an affiliation partner, your product has to follow our content policies (https://hello.softonic.com/content-policy/) and be listed in our catalog. Please contact salesleads@softonic.com and you'll be informed about our Catalog Services.
How can I advertise my program or product on Softonic?
We offer different advertising partnerships based on your needs and objectives. You will have a manager responsible for your campaigns (targeting: keywords, geo, browser). We will be able to promote ads in the following ways:  - Contextual - based on sections - Sponsored ads  - Slide in (alternative ads showing as a small slide on product page of whenever product within the same category as your ad)  As the access to the platform will be only on our end, we can provide daily / weekly / monthly reports if you wish so.   Invoicing is going to be provided by us and complemented with a detailed report.   All this needs to be agreed by signing a contract for a min. of 3.000€ per month. Campaigns will be based on CPC model and all CPCs must be agreed before signing the contract.    If you have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact us
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