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Learn about how makes our website safe and trustable for our users and how we power millions of downloads per day.

Security tested

Our Softonic policy for file downloads is that we want them to be safe for our users. Whether it’s a new or updated app or game, we want to ensure that every version is clean and won’t damage your device. For that purpose, we use more than +60 antivirus programs to scan the content and ensure there’s no malicious content.

Automated processes

The process is automated with the scan running through the entire Softonic catalog. There’s no software page on our site that goes online without being checked first. When it discovers a bad or suspicious file, it blocks the content and issues a warning on the relevant page. In this way, you still receive a review of the app while noting the danger of downloading the file.

Best place for downloads

Softonic is a safe online location to download the best software and games. We have experts that review the programs so you know what to expect. With guides, news, tips, and more, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Reporting software issues

We’ll still do our best to ensure that none of our files are infected as much as possible, but we need your assistance in this regard. If you happen to find an app that has any type of issue, you can use our Report Software feature.

When you’re on an app’s page where we’ve included a download link, you’ll notice a specifications section called “App specs”. There may be several buttons visible, such as news, tutorials, and a chance to rate it yourself. The Report Software is one of the available functions, giving you an opportunity to tell us what’s wrong with the file.

We appreciate your feedback in this regard, and our team will perform tests on the links to see how they can resolve the issue. If they discover that the app is indeed bad, they’ll block and remove the content.

Warning indicators

One of the helpful features we have on the site is a security status indicator. When you check a specific program or app, you’ll notice a small symbol with a link. When you click on the link, it will show you the current status of the file, which could be one of the following:

  • Clean: we’ve thoroughly scanned this file with our library of antivirus programs and discovered no malware.
  • Warning: we’ve discovered potentially malicious content in the files, but it may be false positives. The system may have wrongly flagged it as dangerous, but download at your own risk.
  • Blocked: There’s a strong possibility that the software bundle has a virus and will cause harm to your device. You won’t be able to download the file, but you can still read our review.

A better experience for all Softonic visitors

At the end of the day, we want to make your stay with us safer and more pleasurable. We want to encourage you to look at the different games and apps available without worrying that harm will come to your computer or phone.

If you find any issue with our download files, please do us and everyone else on the site a favor and be the hero that reports it on the relevant pages. It takes a community to ensure the proper security, and we only want what’s best for you.

As you can see by the numbers below, there are millions worldwide that trust us and know that Softonic is safe:

Softonic in numbers
+71 Million
Monthly Global Users
55 Million
Monthly Downloads
96 Million
Monthly Sessions
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Mobile Audience

What users think of Softonic

There are many users that have tested our site and found that Softonic downloads are safe. Here are a few testimonials from the multiple positive reviews we’ve received thus far: