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February 20, 2017 20/02/2017

League of Champions: Our Better Life App Challenge Winners

At Softonic, we live and breathe technology and we’re all about solving problems for our users — whether that’s through a download or an app that makes a task easier, or even enhances your life. That’s why last year we launched a call to find the best apps in the world for living up to one of the most important goals we have as a company: making life better through technology.

While that’s a broad and lofty goal, we decided to focus on finding solutions that that bettered the everyday lives of users within the following themes: Personal Goals, Lifelong Learning, Work-Life Balance, Better Life At Work, Respect, Collaboration, Privacy and Safety. The response from developers was overwhelming: we received a plethora of apps from all over the globe — the U.S, UK, Germany, Russia, Bosnia, Chile, Demark and Nigeria — covering a wide range of topics.

After 5 months and a tough deliberation we identified our finalists and welcomed them to an event in Barcelona, Softonic’s home base, giving them the stage to pitch their apps to a panel of judges.


Three apps took home the highest honors, and we wanted to highlight them for you here:

First Place: Psonrie

Feeling better never was so easy


Psonríe is the first online and anonymous service in Spain, focusing on early stages of mental illness. Users can talk to a psychologist right when they need to, at an affordable price and from any place.


Second Place: Daysk

Work where you want


d and reserve with a few taps, spaces manage orders seamlessly via the application and notifications. Billing is automatic, online."}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":8403459,"3":{"1":0},"4":{"1":2,"2":16777215},"12":0,"14":{"1":2,"2":3355443},"15":"Arial","16":11,"26":400}”>Daysk offers a network of connected spaces and a simplified management solution. Professionals find and reserve with a few taps, spaces manage orders seamlessly via the application and notifications. Billing is automatic, online.


Third Place: Kiwi Campus

Postmates for universities, cheaper and faster

kiwiKiwi Campus is an on demand food delivery service in universities, powered by a community of students that is cool to belong to , delivering most of the orders by walking just 400m.

These apps are all making the world a better place, and exemplify Softonic’s goal of connecting people to solutions through technology.

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