Softonic reveals near zero gender pay gap in new report

October 23rd, 2023, the world’s leading secure software distributor, has accomplished a remarkable milestone in its journey towards gender equality. 

Based on the results of an internal report released today, the company announces that it has reached a near zero gender pay gap, reaffirming its dedication to offering equal opportunities and compensation to all employees, with a 1% advantage in total annual compensation for women.  

This starkly contrasts with the unadjusted pay gap across Europe, which was 19% this year, according to recent Figures and 50inTech report. This means on average women earn £8,100 for every £10,000 that men make. 

Débora Muñoz, director of HR at Softonic said: “We are committed to promoting D&EI - Diversity, Equality and Inclusion - at Softonic, and we will continue working to ensure an inclusive and equal workplace for all. We are dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, they feel heard and they have equal opportunities to contribute their best. We are proud of the progress we have made and we are determined to advance these initiatives further to uphold these high standards." 

Softonic has made significant progress in increasing the representation of women in its workforce. The percentage of women employed at Softonic is 37%, surpassing the tech sector average, which is reported at 22% according to McKinsey's report for all European companies. 

The company has an impressive 42% representation of women in top management positions, highlighting the company's dedication to fostering a diverse leadership team. In 2022, the company welcomed 38 new team members, with women making up 39% of the total new hires. There has been a notable increase in the recruitment of women, particularly in specialised and consultant roles. This has led to a higher representation of women within the product and engineering teams. 

Softonic CEO Fiona Garvey said: "As a woman leading a tech company, I am extremely proud of the results we achieved in relation to D&EI.  But it is not just about numbers; equality is at the heart of our organisation.  Every team member, irrespective of gender, has equal access to opportunities, equal compensation for equal work, and a culture that champions growth.   

Our focus isn't just on internal practices but on influencing the tech industry as a whole. We envision an industry where the unique perspectives of every individual contribute to groundbreaking solutions. By setting this example, we're paving the way for others to follow, not just in achieving gender equality, but in realising the true potential of diversity as a driver of innovation in the tech world."  

The independent human resources consulting company, KTC&R Global, worked on preparing various aspects of the diagnosis and identifying the current situation and how to step up. 

Softonic will continue to shape the company's commitment to equality and diversity. Some next steps will be to promote inclusive languages and provide specific training for both recruiters and employees on gender equality.  

About Softonic:  

Softonic is a leading technology company specializing in secure software distribution. The firm operates the world’s leading secure software distribution platform The platform, currently available in 17 languages, categorises, evaluates, and distributes over 500,000 Windows, Android, and Mac programmes and solutions worldwide. Every month, over 75 million people use due to its robust quality control checks which help users download virus-free software. 

Founded in Barcelona in 1997, Softonic is also behind other initiatives including GHacks, a portal for IT users, and Digital Trends, a technology news site. The company currently employs over 130 people from 23 countries.