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March 10, 2015

Softonic acquires AppCrawlr, a semantic-based search platform for enhanced app discovery

Acquisition marks Softonic’s commitment in the mobile app industry and promises to redefine the app search and discovery experience

Barcelona, 10/03/2015– Softonic, the leading app and software discovery platform, confirms the acquisition of AppCrawlr, an intelligent /emantic-based app search engine that lets users find the best apps using contextual search.

With this acquisition, Softonic has strengthened its presence in the mobile market and aims to change the way users think about app search and discovery. AppCrawlr’s semantic app search technology automatically identifies and builds tens of thousands of categories to classify apps, and allows users to search for apps by either describing who they are, what they want to achieve, or the app features they need. Unlike the traditional keyword search and popularity-based rating systems used by app stores,

AppCrawlr enables users to search successfully for the best apps to, for example, “get fit”, navigate with “off-line maps”, take notes with a “handwriting” feature or play games to “kill time”. “Successfully developing this new analysis that lets us identify thousands of unique characteristics for each app and does not rely on keywords or structured data is a proud accomplishment”, said David Schorr, Co-Founder of AppCrawlr. “We are now able to understand why an App is desirable based on a deep semantic analysis of millions of user reviews”.

Thanks to this acquisition, the company expects to increase its mobile audience, who currently generates more than 1 million downloads per day and represents 25% of Softonic’s total downloads. And while this new technology will undoubtedly enhance the search experience of app users around the world, it will also provide new opportunities for developer communities to reach the most relevant target audience for, said: their apps.

Scott Arpajian, CEO of Softonic “Facilitating the user’s search for the ideal app is just one half of the equation. AppCrawlr also provides mobile developers with more exposure and awareness for their apps, creating an efficient eco-system of developers and users.” Joel Fisher, Co-founder of AppCrawlr, sums up: “Softonic and AppCrawlr share a similar vision for how this technology can drastically change the landscape and experience of app search and discoverability, and we are very confident that app users and developers around the world will also share this vision.”

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