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February 22, 2019 22/02/2019

The Rise of Video Technology in the Customer Experience

Remember back in the (not-so-distant) day when you had to pick up the phone and actually dial a business’ number to get service or support? Then there was the advent of social media for asking questions, voicing complaints or following up on a particular transaction. From there, many of us have evolved to live chat, through which we interact with intelligent automation to get the support we need.


Yet, despite the fact that 79% of businesses say that offering support via live chat has improved customer loyalty, an overwhelming 95% of consumers say they’d actually prefer slower response times if it meant receiving a higher quality of service.


As a result of this increasing demand, there’s something new on the docket: video. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the many ways this visual technology is once again changing the face of the customer experience.


Video Support

One of the limitations of email or chat support is the risk of messages becoming lost in translation. Even when things like screenshots are shared, it can still be challenging to get to the bottom of the problem, which is frustrating for both the customer as well as the support agent. Some interactions – particularly those that are detailed in nature – could be resolved more quickly with video, whether it’s to provide a real glimpse into the situation at hand or an opportunity for the customer to receive a visual explanation.


Customer Onboarding

In an increasingly automated world, customers often end up losing that personal connection. This can make it incredibly difficult for brands to foster loyalty and generate repeat business. It’s human nature to want to know who we’re working with before we part with our hard-earned money. This can give us peace of mind. Many companies are accomplishing this by using video to bring new customers up to speed and build that trust and rapport right from the start.


Lead Nurturing

While sales and marketing have their place, in reality, it’s customer support agents who are often a company’s best salespeople. These folks on the front line understand the best way to talk to customers, get to the root of their problems, create documentation and represent the brand. Introducing video into the mix enables the support team to put a friendly face with their messages. This allows customers to get to know the brand more intimately and helps the company stand out from the competition.


User Guides and Video Tutorials

Seeing a product or service in action is far more impactful than simply reading about it on paper. Video provides the opportunity for customers to visualize how the product or service works. The fact that YouTube is home to hundreds of thousands of tutorial videos speaks to the effectiveness of being able to follow along with a video vs. a list of written instructions. As such, videos have the potential to create tremendous value for the customer which, in turn, benefits the brand.


Without question, video is becoming an integral part of the customer journey. Not only does it allow businesses to keep customers happy with fast response times, but it enables them to do so in a way that is personalized and far more engaging. With video, everyone has a better experience.

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