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November 14, 2017 14/11/2017

Top 5 Strangest Recent Tech Products to Hit the Market

One of the greatest things about technology is the incredible rate with which new things are being developed. It seems like every week there’s another feature, function or gadget hitting the market and getting everyone excited. Most tech advances are logical in nature, as they’re developed out of a need, but sometimes we are introduced to products that are, well, just plain weird. For fun, we thought we’d pull together a list of some of the biggest tech oddities to hit the market in recent months.


coration: underline;”>Ear-Free Headphones

You may have previously thought that listening to music privately meant using headphones that either went over or inside your ears, but this new gadget is taking things to a whole different level. The Batband wraps around the back of the head and uses what’s known as “bone conduction” to send sound waves through the bones of the skull. For $200, you can listen to music and still hear what’s going on around you (though we’re not quite sure why you’d want to).


Smart Beauty Accessories

You’ve heard of smartphones and smart appliances, but what about smart beauty products? There are now accessories that track how you’re caring for your hair. For instance, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped Hair Coach will measure the force and rhythm you use while brushing and make personalized suggestions via the corresponding app to help you improve your habits. Similarly, the Ara smart toothbrush collects info on how you brush and provides suggestions on how to improve dental hygiene.


Virtual Reality Shoes

If you’re the type who really wants to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality, then you’ll be excited to learn that a Japanese developer has come out with VR-equipped shoes. Now you can jump all-in and experience the sensation of walking on different surfaces, such as grass, desert, and even water. You’ll also feel vibration to simulate the impact of kicking an opponent. Seriously, what will they think of next?


GPS-Enabled Clothing

Most of us view our wardrobes as both fashionable and practical, but now, thanks to the folks at Spinali Design, your apparel can also help you get around. For example, the company makes jeans and shorts that feature vibrating sensors which connect to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth. These sensors perform geolocation, which enables you to navigate through urban areas so you can find your way to meeting places or locate your vehicle. The sensors can also alert the wearer to incoming calls, texts or emails and notify them when they’re running late. Strange, but true.


Hair-Growing Helmet

If you’re one of the many people struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, this innovative new product might be your dream come true. The iGrow hair growth system, developed by Apira Science, is a helmet that uses low-level laser light therapy to stimulate hair growth. The company claims its product is effective in energizing and stimulating activity within the hair growing cell walls, which allows the hair follicles to function normally again. They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so who knows – maybe they’re on to something.


Now, over to you. What do you think about these gadgets? Weird or wonderful? Will you be trying any of them? Let us know in the comments section below!




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