Ad specifications

This policy document applies to all the display banners advertised on the Softonic websites as well as Softonic´s other proprietary pages; it relates to all the display banners advertised.


Off by default.
Available on user click only.
Audio mute button control required.
To allow audio initiation in videos without player controls, an audio control must be included.


Video duration: 30 seconds max.
Replay allowed with the user initiation.
Play, Pause, Mute (volume control to zero(0) output may be included instead of or in addition to Mute control)
Companion audio may be included with video (see audio specs above).


Animation is limited to 15 seconds maximum duration.
Unlimited looping within 15 seconds maximum duration.

Close button

Floating or Expanding Panels must contain a static, persistent and functional ‘close’ button to allow users to close the floating or expanded portion of the ad.
“Close” and graphical “X”.
Font Size must be 8pt (11px) – 16pt (21px) on expanded or floating panel, “Expand” on collapsed panel.

Auto-initiated expansion formats

Panel auto expands immersing the user in a full brand experience for 7 seconds before retracting back to inpage standard unit unless the user interacts with it.
Requires close X button (see above).
Audio must stop when the expansion panel is closed.

Softonic’s Final Approval:

Softonic reserves the right to immediately and without previous notice, reject, take down or remove any content or advertising considered in its sole discretion that infringes its policies or that can be considered harmful to its users, its image or its interests. All content or advertising is subject to the final approval of Softonic.

For more details, download our ad specs to see the complete range of desktop, smartphone and tablet solutions available.

Download our Ad Specs PDF.