Editorial Guidelines


In Softonic’s Editorial department, we cover news that directly or indirectly affects the programs in our catalog.

From announcing the most critical security software updates to news and rumors affecting the games in our immense catalog.

Going through the premieres in present and future streaming platforms, as well as viral stories within the world of apps.


Softonic is dedicated to serving an audience that seeks comprehensive information about applications they have already downloaded or installed. Our platform is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of users who aim to augment their experience with these applications. We provide a wide array of resources, including the latest news updates, instructional tutorials, and engaging facts related to various applications. This approach ensures that our users are well-informed and have the opportunity to enhance their engagement with the apps they use.
In addition to delivering timely news and practical tutorials, Softonic endeavors to enrich the user experience by delving deeper into the fascinating world of applications. Our content is tailored to offer insights into the evolving trends in the app industry, emerging technologies, and the impact these have on daily usage. By doing so, we empower our audience with a more comprehensive understanding of their applications, enabling them to make more informed decisions and optimize their usage for a more fulfilling digital experience.

For example, for enthusiasts of television shows and movies, our platform offers specialized guidance, directing users to the most suitable streaming services for their viewing preferences. For instance, if a user searches for a specific TV show or movie, we provide detailed information on which streaming platforms currently host that content. This tailored approach ensures that our users can effortlessly navigate the extensive world of digital streaming, making informed choices about where to enjoy their favourite entertainment.

Editorial independence

Softonic is committed to delivering content characterized by honesty and integrity, essential qualities our audience rightfully expects. In adherence to this principle, it is imperative that members of our Editorial staff, as well as freelance contributors, refrain from accepting any form of compensation that could influence the content of their reviews, news reports, or any material included in articles or videos. This policy is fundamental to preserving our independent stance and maintaining the trust bestowed upon us by our audience.

Moreover, to fortify the integrity of our coverage, the Editorial team operates autonomously from other departments within the organization. Their focus remains steadfast on covering stories, companies, and products that align with and serve our audience’s interests. While communication between the Sales and Editorial departments is vital to our business operations, this interaction is carefully managed by a designated Editorial Person in Charge, ensuring a balanced and professional relationship.

In line with our commitment to transparency, Editorial team members are prohibited from holding investments in companies or products they cover. Should such investments exist, they must be fully disclosed to our audience. This policy is a cornerstone in upholding our ethical standards and ensuring our content remains unbiased and trustworthy.


The integrity of our content is paramount; therefore, the fabrication of any content, to any degree, is strictly prohibited. Such actions constitute a severe breach of the trust our audience places in us. Plagiarism is equally intolerable, defined as the uncredited copying and pasting of text from another article. It is unacceptable to make minor adjustments to the wording of another publication simply or to replicate its narrative structure. Originality in content creation is a foundational principle that we uphold rigorously.

Furthermore, our writers’ use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools to generate any significant portion of an original article is forbidden. Our commitment to authenticity and originality extends to all facets of content creation, and reliance on A.I. for substantive content generation contravenes this commitment.

We exert diligent efforts to ensure that our Editorial staff verifies every piece of information published on Softonic. Our writers are expected to produce stories characterized by original phrasing and structure, enriched with additional information and context. In instances where we cannot verify the reporting of others, we are committed to transparency and will provide clear links back to the original sources. This approach is integral to maintaining the accuracy and trustworthiness of our content.

Professional Conduct

Softonic is committed to maintaining a culture of respect and professionalism in all interactions, mirroring the respect we accord to our audience. This principle governs our approach to dealing with news sources, contacts, and media relations professionals. Our editors and writers are mandated to uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency. They are required to represent themselves authentically, eschewing any form of deception or subterfuge to gather information. It is a fundamental policy that they are always clear about their identity and the nature of their work, fostering an environment of trust and integrity.
This ethos of respect is also reflected in the conduct and appearance of Softonic staff members. We insist on a demeanor and attire that befits a professional setting, ensuring that our representation aligns with our organizational values. There is a strict prohibition against coarse language, vulgarity, sexism, and racism, not only in our published content but also in all communication and interaction, including social media engagements. By adhering to these standards, we aim to create a respectful, inclusive, and dignified work environment while projecting these values in our external engagements.

Commerce content

At Softonic, our commerce-related content, such as deals and product recommendations, is thoughtfully developed to meet our audience’s specific needs and quality expectations. In line with our commitment to maintaining editorial independence and authenticity, this type of content is produced not by a separate team but by our editors and freelancers. These individuals are tasked with identifying products that resonate with our audience but also adhere to the rigorous standards upheld by Softonic. In doing so, they often seek insights and advice from our in-house product experts to ensure the highest accuracy and relevance of our recommendations.

Regarding featuring e-commerce sites within our content, our editors and freelancers carefully determine which platforms to include. This decision is based on various factors, including the level of consumer trust in the shopping platforms, the pricing competitiveness, the availability of products, and considerations related to performance and potential partnerships. Our primary aim is to guide our audience to reliable shopping experiences with the best value.

In the spirit of transparency, any commerce-related content is clearly distinguished with a disclaimer: “Softonic may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.” This practice is integral to our ethos of honesty, ensuring that our audience is fully informed about the nature of our content and can trust that our recommendations are made with their best interests in mind.


At Softonic, our editorial staff is exclusively dedicated to creating content for our audience, focusing on authenticity and relevance. To ensure clarity and avoid any potential confusion, all content that is sponsored, promoted, an advertisement, or otherwise financially supported is distinctly marked as such. This clear labeling is crucial in maintaining the transparency and trust we uphold with our audience.

Branded content

Branded content at Softonic encompasses commissioned articles or videos created with the objective of promoting products, services, or brands. To preserve the distinctiveness and authority of our editorial voice, the production of branded content is created in collaboration with advertisers and supports various paid sponsorship initiatives.

In our commitment to clear communication and to prevent any potential confusion among our audience, branded content is distinctly marked as “powered by” or “presented by.” Its design and presentation are intentionally differentiated from our editorial content to ensure that readers can easily distinguish between the two and are not misled. Importantly, branded content does not feature bylines from members of our Editorial team.

Additionally, the creation of written branded content may involve the use of freelance talent, third-party spokespeople, and influencers. These contributors operate independently of the Editorial department, further reinforcing the separation between our editorial and branded content.

Sponsored content

Occasionally, a company may choose to underwrite proposed, existing, or ongoing editorial content at Softonic. However, it is imperative to note that such financial support does not grant the sponsoring company any influence over the content itself, nor does it permit any interference with its editorial integrity. Our editorial content remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting the needs and interests of our audience, irrespective of any sponsorship.

When we feature sponsored content, it is accompanied by the sponsoring brand’s media elements, such as advertisements or logos. This content is clearly labeled as “sponsored by” the respective brand to maintain transparency with our audience. The scope of sponsored coverage is diverse, encompassing a range of subjects from events to specific topics such as Computing or Gaming, and even extends to special series or feature articles.


Softonic leverages various digital platforms and technologies to distribute our content effectively and engage with our audience. This includes utilizing social media channels, web push technology, and email communications. Through these mediums, we ensure that our content reaches our audience in a timely and convenient manner, allowing for a wide range of interactions and feedback. These tools are integral in maintaining a dynamic and responsive relationship with our audience, adapting to their preferences and behaviors in the digital space.

Occasionally, we distribute content that includes sponsored editorial material and paid branded content across our platforms. Such content is distinctly labeled to maintain clarity and transparency for our audience. Editorial sponsorships are marked as “sponsored by,” indicating the backing of a particular sponsor, while paid branded content is tagged as “paid content.” This clear differentiation ensures that our readers can easily identify the nature of the content they view. Additionally, where feasible, we utilize platform-specific tools to delineate this content further, adhering to the best practices of content labeling on each platform.

Licensed and promoted content

Softonic frequently encounters situations where companies seek to acquire rights to utilize various elements of our content. This may include portions of an article we have written, segments of a video we have produced, or a logo or badge assigned to one of their products or services. The utilization of this content is diverse, ranging from inclusion in advertisements displayed on a company’s website and social media channels to featuring on product packaging, among other uses.

Moreover, companies may opt to leverage our editorial content for their promotional activities. This can encompass a broad spectrum of purposes, including but not limited to audience development, user acquisition, and various other forms of brand promotion. Notably, such usage does not necessitate prior notification or approval from our Editorial team.

This practice underscores the perceived value of our opinions and the rigor of our editorial processes. Companies seek to license such quotes and accolades predominantly from widely regarded, trustworthy, and authoritative sources. The content licensing process at Softonic is managed by a specialized licensing agency, operating independently of our Editorial team, to ensure impartiality and integrity in our content creation and distribution.

Topics we usually cover

At Softonic, our content coverage encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, each meticulously selected to align with the interests and needs of our audience. Our areas of focus include:

  1. Updates on Key Software: We provide timely information on significant updates for the relevant programs featured in our catalog, ensuring our users are well-informed about the latest advancements and features.
  2. Gaming News and Rumors: Our coverage extends to the latest developments in the gaming world, including news and rumors. When reporting rumors, we clearly label them as such and offer an expert perspective on their potential accuracy, drawing from our extensive experience in the field.
  3. New Hardware Announcements: We keep our audience abreast of the latest hardware releases, covering confirmed and speculated technical specifications. This allows our users to stay informed about the evolving landscape of technology hardware.
  4. Streaming Platform Updates: Our coverage includes the latest releases and premieres on various streaming platforms. We provide details on availability dates and the specific platforms where these shows and movies can be accessed, catering to various entertainment preferences.
  5. Advancements in Science and Sustainability: We delve into the latest developments across the science spectrum, including significant events related to the cosmos and advancements in sustainable technologies, such as electric mobility. This reflects our commitment to covering topics that profoundly impact our planet and society.
  6. Viral Technological Stories: We also spotlight curious and trending internet stories involving technology or applications. These stories are selected for their viral nature and technological relevance, offering our audience a glimpse into the intriguing interplay between technology and popular culture.

Topics we do not cover (or cover very infrequently)

At Softonic, while our content is diverse and expansive, there are specific areas that we either do not cover or address only on rare occasions. Our editorial guidelines focus on content that aligns with our core mission and values. The following outlines the topics that fall outside our usual scope of coverage:

  1. Celebrity-Related Stories: Our platform typically does not cover news or stories primarily centered around celebrities. We focus more on technology, applications, and digital trends than celebrity-focused content.
  2. Cryptocurrency: We generally avoid cryptocurrency topics except for reporting on potential frauds or scams. We intend to inform and protect our audience from deceptive practices in this volatile field.
  3. Politics, Crime, and Public Institutions: Content that delves into politics, crime, or pertains to public institutions is not a regular feature of our coverage. Our primary aim is to provide tech-centric content rather than delve into these areas.
  4. Direct Company Press Releases: We do not directly publish press releases from companies on our site, especially if they have commercial interests. Our commitment is to provide unbiased, independently-produced content rather than serve as a direct channel for corporate communications.

These guidelines help us maintain focus on delivering high-quality, relevant content that resonates with the interests and needs of our tech-savvy audience while upholding our standards of impartiality and authenticity.

How we cover these stories

At Softonic, our approach to covering stories is underpinned by a commitment to respect, accuracy, and integrity. This methodology is applied consistently across all types of content we produce, whether news, rumors, or expert analysis. Here’s how we ensure these standards are met:

  1. Respect for Original Information: We maintain a high level of respect for the source of the information. Our content is crafted to ensure that the essence of the original message is preserved, reflecting our dedication to authenticity.
  2. Clear Identification of Rumors: When dealing with rumors, we ensure that this is indicated in the headline and within the body of the article. This practice is integral to maintaining transparency with our audience and helping them distinguish between confirmed information and speculation.
  3. Citing Sources: We rigorously quote and attribute our sources. This is achieved either through direct formatting within the text or by embedding the attribution in the narrative of the news story. Additionally, we provide links to the sources, thereby allowing our readers to access further information and verify the content.
  4. Expert Analysis on Rumors: Our team of experts offers their insights in cases where the information is speculative. They assess the accuracy of the information, providing our audience with a well-informed perspective that leverages our collective expertise in the field.
  5. Variable Article Lengths: The length of our articles is not fixed but varies according to the depth and complexity of the information being covered. This flexible approach allows us to comprehensively treat topics, ensuring that each article is as detailed and informative as necessary, based on the subject matter.
  6. Labeling Sponsored Content: In compliance with current legislation, any sponsored content is marked as such. This labeling is a critical aspect of our commitment to transparency, ensuring that our readers can easily identify sponsored articles and distinguish them from our regular editorial content.
  7. Handling of Unverified Rumors: When dealing with rumors that are not verified, we take extra steps to ensure their credibility. This involves seeking out more than one source to validate the information. We consider publishing such content only after thorough verification and when we are confident of its credibility. This practice aligns with our commitment to providing accurate and reliable information to our audience.

These practices are integral to our editorial process, underscoring Softonic’s dedication to quality, transparency, and the ethical treatment of information in all our publications.