Advertorial Content

Let our editors write and exclusive article for your product and reach our engaged community

  • Get an exclusive article written from one of our expert editors, providing users with engaging content from a trusted source.
  • We can translate the article in different languages to reach the global community.
  • Get on-site promotion for your article to ensure it gets as many visits as possible by giving it a premium placement on our homepage and driving traffic to it through display.
  • We’ll give your article extra distribution by including it in our newsletter, sharing it through our social media channels, and push notifications.


Boost your awareness through our high viewability display solutions

  • Run your display campaigns in a low ad-clutter environment.
  • Ensure maximum viewability to your ads as we only work with high viewability placements and premium video distribution.
  • All of our ad formats are IAB standard for an easy and quick setup.
  • Discover our multiple segmentation alternatives to make sure you reach your core audience.
  • Reach your objectives more effectively by activating a CPM or CPC campaign.

Desktop Performance

Discover our high performing native ads

  • Promote your products seamlessly by highlighting them in our feed.
  • Discover our wide variety of native ad placements across all of our platforms.
  • Run your campaign on all of our sites or only in targeted placements.
  • Allow our server to optimize your campaign to achieve more effective results.
  • Pay only for the results you get (CPC, CPD, CPI).

Strategic Partnerships

Dominate your category. All of our potential at your business’ service.

  • Get industry insights on category performance to build a successful business strategy.
  • Allow one of our consultants to build a comprehensive strategy to maximize your business goals be it market penetration, international growth, or simply reinforcing leadership.
  • Distribute your products at global scale, benefiting from category exclusivity share of voice.
  • Make sure your product launch goes from zero to hero with our full service proposals, including content creation, display, performance ads, and catalog services.
  • Regional or global. We talk business in 20 languages.


List your product in the largest software catalog in the world to increase visibility and distribution.

  • Publish your product in our catalog and get an exclusive Product Page and Product URL for 20 languages.
  • Get a unique Product Review from our team of experts, creating original content providing users a guided experience from a trusted source (advantages, pros & cons, visual elements like images and video, etc.)
  • Get an exclusive Product Rating by one of our editors. Include the Softonic Rated badge in your website.
  • We guarantee all of our content is SEO optimized, including backlinks to your site.

Mobile Install

Need help with you app downloads? This is for you.

  • Benefit from the reach of our high traffic mobile web.
  • Be featured in our top banner to drive users directly to your app in Google’s Play Store™ or Apple’s App Store™.
  • Target our users by OS, region or language.
  • Pay only for the results you get (CPC, CPI).
  • Promote your mobile APK and pay for installs


The most effective way of reaching our quality audience

  • Programmatic buying: more transparency, better targeting options, better results for both awareness and performance.
  • Available for open and private auctions, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed.
  • Execute Programmatic Direct campaigns through DBM.
  • We have unique first–party data for everything around software and apps.
  • Discover our special packages that guarantee high viewability and CTRs