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Softonic has bet big on technology for nearly 20 years. During that time we’ve developed vast expertise in what our users need and how to help them succeed.


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We understand the importance of the human factor. Our people are our best asset and help us make real connections between our users’ needs and our products.


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Not only are we the world’s premiere software and app destination, we are also the safest. Our Clean and Safe guarantee ensures a totally safe user experience.

Meet the team

Introducing the heart of Softonic

Vincent Herman

Growth Senior Manager

Richard Flower

AdTech Specialist

Ezequiel Gómez

Software Engineer

Xavier Latorre

Software Engineer

Xi Li

Senior Manager Pricing & Yield

Glòria Pañart

Ad Operations

Patricia Perez

Office Assistant

Nico Campos

Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist

Nacho Mascort

SEO Specialist

Laura Zuffi

Digital Marketing Strategist

Laura Godoy

Quality & Compliance Specialist

Jose Luis Valdespino

Affiliate Specialist

Sundeep Sewani

Content Manager

Marc Gisbert

Ad Operations Specialist

Stefania Rosca

Social Media Manager

Elodie Castillo

Project Manager

Jennifer Woodard

Global Communications Director

Javier Rivero

Labor Relations Specialist

Mattia Dragonetti

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Gustau Pérez

Systems Operations Engineer

Javier Eurrutia

Senior Software Engineer

Irina Grama

Account Payable

Juan Carlos Zevallos

Data Analyst

Gustavo Belfiore

Sales Executive

Frederic Delga

Director of Advertising Operations

Filipe Hemsworth

Business Analyst Pricing & Yield

Fernando Ferrer

Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Daniel Caceres


Cristian Pachon

Data Scientist

Carme Plana

Data Analyst

Robert Forrest

VP Financial Planning & Analysis

Aneta Ternovschi

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Andrea Depirro

Senior Software Engineer

Ana Remesal

Digital Marketing Specialist

Xavier Aparicio

Senior Software Engineer

Sergio Morente

Software Engineer

Scott Arpajian


Santiago Núñez-Cacho

Senior Systems Operations Engineer

Roger Espona

Technical Manager (UX/UI)

Ramón Báez

Revenue Accountant

Patrycja Radwanska

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Pablo Seefoo

Senior Product Manager

Natàlia Calvet

Senior Software Engineer

Mónica Casillas

Cash Management

Miquel Roset

Technical Manager/Agile Coach

Mayra Domínguez

Head of Financial Accounting

Marta Rebull

VP Human Resources

María Rey

Strategic Partnership Manager

Maria del Mar Ortiz

QA Engineer

Maria Baeta

Senior Editor

Manuel Carballar

Senior Software Engineer

Adam Lazarus

Data Engineer

Kristina Müller

Director of Catalog & Content Operations

Jouni Kuisma

Senior Product Manager

Jordi López

Software Engineer

Jesús Bosque

Product Owner

Jaume Fontal

Director of Technology

Ignacio Valencia

Software Engineer

Gemma Beltrà

UI Developer

Florentina Chiribelea

Account Manager Team Lead

Fiona Garvey

SVP Revenue

Eugenio García

UI Developer

Estefanía Amaya

Project Manager, Catalog & Compliance

Débora Muñoz

HR Business Partner

David Alarcón

IT Operations Manager

Daniel Albert

Product Manager

Cristian Capdevila

Content Manager

Caterina Greco

Content Strategist

Basilio Vera

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Alex Ortega

Business Intelligence Engineer

Abbi Taylor

Sales Assistant

Ferran Gavin

SEO Manager

Raúl Méndez

Creative Lead

Elisabet Renom

Internal Communications Lead