Huge Global Reach

100 million visitors per month provide a unique global audience

Our web and mobile platform can provide you and your clients with an unparalleled reach for your brands, products and messaging, particularly in the key 15–34 age group – worldwide.

We’ll give you access to the 100 million monthly visitors, who generate four million downloads every single day, so you can pinpoint the specific target audience that matters to you.

Your message.
In the right place, at the right time.

Choose from a wide range of formats to design your performance-based campaigns that will grab the attention of your target audience on our desktop site, and across mobile media.

Download our ad specs to see the complete range of desktop, smartphone and tablet solutions available.

Connect with your Best Customers

Softonic makes it simple

Ready to connect with an engaged, tech-savvy global audience? Then Softonic is your partner. Our team are experts in matching your goals with the perfect package to take your brand’s visibility to the next level, worldwide or close to home.

Whatever your requirements, we have the advertising solutions that will get you noticed, and convert eyeballs into clicks.