Why is the program/app I’ve downloaded not working?
If the app or program you have downloaded is not working, you should check your operating system and if it's running version is compatible.  If it is so, please check the developer’s site to see if the file may have been brought down recently.  For further queries regarding the program or app not working please get in touch with the developer. 
How do I search for programs?
The easiest way to search for programs on the Softonic website is by using the Quick Search Box at the top of our home page. Enter the name of the program you are searching for and hit the search icon.  If you do not know the specific name of a program, you can also search by using keywords, functions and features. Example: If you are looking for a media player but do not have a specific name of one, type “media player” into the search box to bring up results related to those keywords.
Do I have to pay in order to download a program?
You do not have to pay anything in order to download a program from Softonic. Downloading a program on our site is totally free. However, note that the program license might not be free. We recommend you therefore to always check the license type before downloading a program. We do not offer any kind of paid subscription on our website. If money is being withdrawn from your bank account without your consent please contact your bank in order to find out the company responsible for this action so you can cancel the subscription.
How many license types are there?
A program’s license type can be seen on every program review. You will be able to find it on the search results page: Here you find the most usual license types:
  • Free: You can use the program free of charge and there are no time restrictions.
  • Trial version: You have an option to test the software for free for a limited amount of time after which you will have to purchase it if you want to use it. Demo: You have access to a limited version of the software that you can use for free (sometimes without time restrictions). Some of the program’s main features are not available if you do not purchase the full version.
  • Full version: you will have to buy the program or game in order to download and use it. 
About Us
Does Softonic offer any kind of paid subscription?
Softonic does NOT offer paid subscriptions of any kind. All program downloads are 100% FREE. We will never ask for your phone number, credit card, or bank account information.   Please be cautious of any possible scams. If you have subscribed to a SMS premium service we recommend you to contact your phone services provider, as they will be able to tell you what company is charging you and to cancel the service. In case money is being withdrawn from your bank or credit card account without your consent we recommend you to check your bank statement. This way you will be able to contact the company responsible for those charges and to cancel the subscription.
What is Softonic?
With over 50 million monthly visitors, Softonic is one of the largest trusted-apps and software platforms in the world. We interact with our global audience through our desktop and mobile portals and on social media. Across every channel, we offer clean and safe app downloads, as well as insights, in-depth comparisons, insider tips and tutorials for the most popular apps from around the world.    With over 550,000 software titles published in 20 languages, our Catalog offers the most complete selection of technological solutions to our audience’s needs customized to the platform of their choice. (PC, Mac, Web-apps, Mobile). Softonic caters to a global audience generating over 40 million monthly sessions.    Softonic is proudly headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Madrid and Malaga. 
What are the main advantages of using Softonic?
Softonic offers many advantages to our users:  
  • Free download: It doesn't cost you anything to download from Softonic. Just choose your platform or device and start downloading!
  • Virus-free download. Every new or updated title on our site is being tested with more than 30 antivirus engines in order to guarantee that our programs are virus free.
  • Quick search box: Our user-friendly search tool allows you to filter and sort your results to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Analytical and complete software reviews. Programs are reviewed by our expert editors, helping you find the right software for your needs.
  • User ratings: Check our user ratings for the programs you are interested in. 
Does Softonic sell programs directly?
You can not buy a program directly from the Softonic web site.   The “Buy Now” button you see on some software review sites will redirect you to the developer’s sales platform or an online store of one of our affiliates. We do not have access to any information regarding your software purchase from any of these affiliate sites. Questions regarding purchase information, order status, and/or software activation should be directed toward the seller. You may have received an order confirmation email, which should provide you with the correct contact information. Below are our affiliate partners. 
  •     Adobe
  •     Microsoft
  •     ExpressVPN
  •     Cleverbridge
  •     Impact Radius
  •     Commission Junction
  •     Tradedoubler
  •     Wargaming
Softonic does not provide technical support for downloaded software. For user support and technical inquiries, contact the program developer. There is a link to the developer on the software review site, as shown below:  
How can I publish my program? (new or existing developer)
If you are a developer and want to publish a new program on our Catalog, please contact our Sales team salesleads@softonic.com . Softonic reserves the right to decide what will be published according to our Content policies and Catalog relevance.
How can I update my current file and version?
If you are a developer and want to update your existing program on our Catalog, please fill in that form and we will review your request. Softonic reserves the right to decide what will be published and according to our Content policies and Catalog relevance.
Partnerships and Collaborations
Can I enter your affiliate program?
To be an affiliation partner, your product has to follow our content policies (https://hello.softonic.com/content-policy/) and be listed in our catalog. Please contact salesleads@softonic.com and you'll be informed about our Catalog Services.
How can I advertise my program or product on Softonic?
We offer different advertising partnerships based on your needs and objectives. You will have a manager responsible for your campaigns (targeting: keywords, geo, browser). We will be able to promote ads in the following ways:  - Contextual - based on sections - Sponsored ads  - Slide in (alternative ads showing as a small slide on product page of whenever product within the same category as your ad)  As the access to the platform will be only on our end, we can provide daily / weekly / monthly reports if you wish so.   Invoicing is going to be provided by us and complemented with a detailed report.   All this needs to be agreed by signing a contract for a min. of 3.000€ per month. Campaigns will be based on CPC model and all CPCs must be agreed before signing the contract.    If you have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact us
Is my data private?
Your data privacy is secured. For further details regarding data agreements we have with third parties, please click here  
How to report a possible malicious software
At Softonic, we are constantly vigilant to ensure our catalog is virus-free and without any malicious files. We value our users' feedback greatly and encourage you to report any suspicious file you spot published on our site. Here's how: Search for the “Report software” button in the “App specs” section of the program page located to the right-hand side of our review.
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