Achieving work-life harmony at Softonic

A fulfilled team is undoubtedly a more productive team. That's why we've diligently fashioned an environment centred around balance.

Flexibility as a guiding principle ⏰

We acknowledge that life unfolds in unexpected ways, and sometimes you just need that extra hour for a little extra rest, a workout session, or mastering the perfect pancake flip. Our flexible work hours empower you to prioritise your well-being!

Embracing the total virtual vibe 🌐

Say goodbye to the daily grind at the office! Our hybrid working model allows you to work from the comfort of your own space three days a week. Want to rock those PJs while you code? Go for it!

Embrace the hybrid mindset 💻

We're not just about hybrid – some talented folks are 100% remote, making Softonic a global family. In addition, our remotes come to the office in Barcelona several times a year to enjoy quality time together between workshops and activities.

Prioritising your well-being 💚

We value more than just your productivity metrics. Your mental well-being takes precedence, which is why our private insurance service extends beyond physical health. It's your access to various mental health services, including therapy sessions and counselling – because a healthy mind is a happy mind!

Rituals to stay aligned and together 🍕

Every Thursday, the team stops for 30 minutes in the afternoon to attend our Weekly Company Meeting (WCM) in which project progress, trends and other topics relevant to everyone are presented. Additionally, we have the opportunity to get to know the team better. Previously we called it Pizza & Beers so you can guess what is there during the session in the Barcelona office.

Effective Softonic communication 🗣

Ever wondered how Softonic ensures seamless communication? Our HR Business Partners excel in this area! Through regular meetings, they engage with every team member to ensure that your needs and concerns are acknowledged. Additionally, tools like Officevibe serve as our guide, tracking engagement and satisfaction and steering us collectively toward success! And, of course, let's pay attention to our vibrant Slack channels! After all, who says your workday can't be sprinkled with humorous cat memes?

And there you have it – the Softonic approach to maintaining a harmonious balance. We've got the flexibility, the magic of hybrid work, and the mental health tools to ensure your time here is not just about work but about flourishing!

Stay balanced, stay awesome! 🚀✨