Embracing family: Our annual #FamilyDay gathering

At Softonic, we believe that our team is more than just a group of colleagues – we're a family. That's why every year during Christmas, we transformed our workplace into a haven of joy, laughter, and connection as we welcomed the wonderful families of our dedicated employees for a funny #FamilyDay event.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation from the moment our doors opened. Parents and children were greeted with warm smiles and embraced the opportunity to explore our office space together.

One of the day's highlights was seeing our team members interact with their loved ones in a relaxed setting, away from the demands of the traditional office environment. It was heartwarming to witness the bonds between colleagues strengthen as they introduced their families and shared moments of joy and pride. Also, there were games for the little ones, and they could explore all corners where their parent work.

It was so much fun meet your families.