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September 5, 2018 05/09/2018

5 Creative Ways People Are Using Virtual Reality

When we think of virtual reality, we tend to think primarily about gaming. But while this industry has certainly been a front-runner for VR technology, there are many following close behind. Let’s explore a few of the creative ways people are leveraging the power of virtual reality technology (some of which may surprise you.)


Understanding Big Data

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created each and every day. Making sense out of all of that information can be incredibly challenging. Sure, we’ve got standard ways to visualize data, like charts and graphs, but these standard plots typically don’t delve deep enough for us to fully understand and comprehend that data. That’s where virtual reality comes into play. With VR, data can be brought to life and experienced in a 3D environment.


Behind-the-Scenes Brand Experiences

Wouldn’t it be cool to see exactly how your favorite products are made? Wouldn’t it be even cooler to experience it as if you were right there in the warehouse or factory? That’s exactly what Saudi Arabia-based clothing brand Lomar is doing. Customers can get a 360-degree glimpse inside the factory, watching every single step of the production process and experiencing the love and care that goes into making each product. This has done wonders for customer trust and loyalty.


Stock Market in 3D

Even if you’ve ridden the proverbial rollercoaster that is the stock market, you’ve never experienced anything quite like this. We’re talking about the Nasdaq Index Rollercoaster, created Nasdaq, an American stock exchange. It’s a pretty incredible way to transform and visualize data in a whole new way. Click here to experience it for yourself!


Reducing Patient Anxiety

Anyone who has had or knows someone who’s had cancer understands the tremendous stress and anxiety it causes. A company called Oncomfort is using virtual reality in an attempt to reduce these negative feelings and enhance the efficacy of treatment for cancer patients. They also offer tools for self-management of pain and education about the medical journey. The company has a variety of VR-based immersive experiences, including the following:

  • Aqua — Focuses on relaxation in an undersea environment.
  • AMO — Focuses on easing pain and anxiety based on clinical hypnosis techniques.
  • KIMO — Provides basic education to pediatric patients on how chemotherapy works.
  • Spacio — Aimed at inducing relaxation in pediatric patients before having an MRI or a radiotherapy session.
  • Stella — Aimed at inducing positive distraction during short pediatric procedures.


Virtual Merchandise

Many forward-thinking marketers have begun tapping into VR technology as a way to enhance the buying experience. For instance, Volvo has launched a new branded virtual reality marketing campaign called Volvo Reality. With this, customers can take a virtual test drive of the new Volvo series. Considering the fact that the company sold out of their new series within just two days of its release, it’s safe to say the campaign worked. Look for more brands to follow suit in the months and years to come.


What about you? Do you know of any creative or unusual uses of VR technology? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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