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October 10, 2017 10/10/2017

Volunteering to help our local environment

Last week our Finance team decided to dedicate their quarterly team-building offsite to the preservation of our local environment. Our Finance colleagues rolled up their sleeves to get to work on the removal of invasive plants from a pine grove in Gavà, near Barcelona, as well as in removing garbage and waste in the area.

Starting work in El Pinar de la Pava pine grove (registered as an Important Bird Area (IBA) the team removed a plant called Araujia sericifera, a fast-growing invasive plant from South America that was originally brought to our area as an ornamental plant but has unfortunately, given its vine-like nature, has “strangled” the local plants and has had a devastating effect on vegetation. 

This activity was important to the team because it contributes to the conservation of a natural area that is not officially protected but is part of a pinewood and dune habitat recognized by the EU as a priority in its conservation at the continental level. In addition, it is part of a very damaged area, as the pine groves are in the Llobregat Delta, which has lost 60% of its surface due to the pavementing of the nearby airport and port of Barcelona, a dense road network, overpopulation and other serious threats to vegetation and fauna.

Thanks, Finance Team for giving back! 

















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