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May 22, 2017 22/05/2017

A New Brand for Softonic

A few months back we told you how we were celebrating a new era at Softonic by inaugurating our new physical space here in Barcelona. Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Our new office is just one incarnation of what is somewhat of a reinvention of Softonic and our culture.

We’re resetting a lot of things, from where work to how we work together and even how we do business. As our CEO Scott mentioned in a piece on Medium recently, we are shifting our efforts towards becoming a company more focused on providing solutions to our users in many forms – not just downloads and apps.

In June of this year, Softonic will celebrate its 20th anniversary (!) and what better time to start telling you about starting anew than on such a special occasion.

These changes are happening as we speak, but to make them visible, we’ve introduced a new corporate brand, which we unveiled a little while back, first here, on our corporate site.



Our Creative Designer, Raúl Méndez, dreamed up the design and explains the story behind the new corporate brand: “The Softonic of today is quite different than the Softonic of 20 years ago, and it was time to update our look to reflect who we are as a company now: innovative, fresh and open to our users and clients.”




As our corporate brand becomes Softonic, our flagship product, which we previously referred to as “Softonic” is now We updated our product brand’s look and feel for as you can see below and across all our global sites.




While these may be cosmetic changes, they actually go far beyond the visual. As we reflect on our 20-year history of ups and downs, we also look very optimistically towards the future and these new brand identities reflect that enthusiasm and renewed energy for a new Softonic. A very open and transparent one.

If you’re in Barcelona we invite you to come into our offices and get to know us. If you are far away, we invite you talk to us here or on any of our social media channels. We’re always open to questions and feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on how we’re making Softonic new again (or anything you’d like to chat about!)

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